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Baja Crimea 2013. Sunday. Finish

Sunday, 26 May 2013 21:49

Баха Крым 2013
Until the final SSs Vladimir Vasyliev and Vitaly Yevtyekhov were far ahead of the rivals in the race. But the fortune changed her mind: after they crossed the ford, the reduction unit went out of order so the crew had to push the car through the finish site, in a literal sense. However, despite the penalty of half an hour, Vladimir Vasilyev and Vitaly Yevtyekhov are in the forth line in overall. You can’t but agree that’s quite good!

Баха Крым 2013

Vladimir Vasilyev: Well, it’s sport, such things happen… Sometimes cars break down. It may be said we crossed the finish line on foot – pushed the car with hands. But I enjoyed the race, great thanks to organizers!

Баха Крым-2013

The winner of the race is the crew of Ruslan Misikov and Konstantin Zhiltsov, the second line belongs to Viktor and Anatoly Volikovs. Today during the first passage Volikovs went for sightseeing around local vineyards and took a pretty long roaming through the blossoming fields and steppes. And after they returned to the track they could not leave  Alexandr Zheludov alone, his car got stuck in a trap.  Volikovs helped him out of the trap and went on struggling with him for the position in the race. Later Alexandr Zheludov retired, the rumour was that he had a technical issue. Do you think the true reason was a common politeness?

Баха Крым 2013

Viktor Volikov: We are upset because of our teammates. Vladimir Vasilyev had to win, he was leading throughout the race. But that’s the sports fortune who is changeable, and she made her choice, that’s a pity. As for ourselves, we drove in our own pace and enjoyed the scenery, just like I promised. Eventually, to all appearance, we came to the second line in Russian Championship and to the third line in the international competition.

Boris Gadasin and Alexey Kuzmich were busy with the car engineering follow-up without any rush…

Баха Крым 2013

Boris Gadasin: Yet in the morning we lost quite a lot of time for overtakings. We started eleventh behind buggies and Production. The track was rather dusty, and only Sergey Savenko and Alexey Yaskov (who came from somewhere outside) let us pass by them upon our first signal. Most of other crews did this with half a heart. But in fact that’s the matter of starting position… Taking into account the tremendous penalty we got yesterday, we simply focused on our own tasks – were busy with setting, testing, optimizing settings, in short – working on the car. On the second pass we kept rather good pace though a puncture tied us up a little.

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Moreover, G-Force Motorsport team, supported this season by the premium motor oil brand Gazpromneft – Lubricants, won the team event and thus became the leader in Russian cross country Championship.

Баха Крым 2013

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