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G-Force Motorsport becomes the Team Boucou assistance - BMG exclusive representative in Russia and CIS

Monday, 29 April 2013 23:18

Boucou Assistance SERVICES

Dakar 2013 was the first experience for G-Force Motorsport to participate in such a great marathon, and it brought much more to the team than the precious practice or new skills. We met many new good friends there, among them Michel Boucou team that provides assistance for cross country rally competitors. The highest level of responsibility and qualification are the words that describe the Team Boucou work, G-Force Motorsport became assured of that after using their assistance during Dakar 2013.

Now we are very proud to say that G-Force Motorsport became the  Team Boucou assistance – BMG exclusive representative in Russia and CIS.

Мишель Буку и Борис Гадасин

Team Boucou professional assistance is available at cross country rally World Cup rounds, Silk Way marathon and of course at Dakar. We must emphasize that all the prices are set by  Team Boucou.

The team

The team led by Michel Boucou is composed
of 17 persons, divided into three trucks (T4)
involved in the race, and two trucks (T5) for the bivouac assistance.
Each person has an important role to play.


  • Dakar
  • Silk Way Rally
  • Morocco Rally
  • Bajas


  • Assistance with T5 Trucks
  • Assistance with T4 Trucks
  • Trucks preparation
  • Race trucks selling
  • Race Trucks renting
  • Co-pilote seat renting
  • VIP Bivouac



Michel Boucou (T4) - 8 Dakars, 2 Silkways, 5
Morocco Rallies

Jordi Ginesta (T4) - 20 Dakars and numerous
other rallies

Roger Darroux (T4) - 23 Dakars,
numerous other rallies both in trucks and cars


-         T4: ex Dakar winner De Rooy DAF and 4x4 and 6x6 trucks take the race route and provide assistance for the client racers;
-         T5: move between bivouacs and are equipped with


  • workshops suits,
  • generator,
  • compressor,
  • high powered outdoor lighting,
  • drill press,
  • torch,
  • transport parks,
  • trunks and tires.


VIP bivouac

Team Boucou assistance provides maximum comfort for the client’s  entourages or partners:


  • Shower
  • cooker
  • video and photo editing
  • physiotherapist



(some of drivers or teams for which Team Boucou provided assistance in the race)

Team HUMMER -Robby Gordon
Nasser Al Attiyah
Team SMG Philippe Gache
TOYOTA Espagne
MB Rallye
G-Force Motorsport

For Team Boucou assistance services order please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it