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The third stage of the World Cup starts on Monday, April 22nd!

Sunday, 21 April 2013 10:48

Vladimir Vasilyev and Vitaly Yevtyekhov left to Qatar to participate in the third stage of the Cross Country World Cup with G-Force Proto that was sent to Qatar in March, before the Italian Baja started, i.e. before the team crews was illegally (in the team’s opinion) not allowed to start at the first stage in Italy.

The competitors registration for the SEALINE CROSS COUNTRY RALLY 2013 is open since today, the administrative checks have started, and on Monday (Aprin 22nd) the bivouac will open and all the pre-start procedures will be held, including the briefing and the scruteneerings. And in the evening of Monday the competition opening ceremony will take place.

During the next 4 days the crews (there are 39 of them in the participants list) have to drive through 1500 kilometers of SSs, this will not be as easy as a walk: the sands here are famous for their complexity.

Last year race video:

SCCR, Musical Highlights from QMMF TV on Vimeo.



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